How I Use Social Media

So between the many different types of Social Media websites that there are online, I currently have three of them.  I have instagram, twitter and facebook.  I have three, but really only use one of them.  I don’t ever get on twitter anymore.  I don’t even remember the last time I’ve logged into my account.  I use facebook, but I don’t ever really post anything on there, unless it’s a pretty crucial moment in my life.  For example, the last thing that I actually posted on there was when I got engaged back in April of this year.  I use facebook as more of a place to just see how people are doing, check my work schedule on there and to be honest, entertain myself with what’s going on in today’s society.  I’ve really engaged with facebook when they started sharing and uploading random videos of different things.

Instagram is what I mainly use.  Even if I don’t post pictures as much as the average user, I would say that I’m most active with Instagram.  It’s a place where you can share photos with others and is more for photos and even videos instead of words really.  I personally love looking at photos over words.  I feel like you get much more from pictures.  I use Instagram for the purposes of the average user really.  I see how people are doing and would like for people to see some of the things that are going on in my life.  Birthdays, celebrations, special events and things like that.


How Computers and Networks Affect Me

We wake up every morning, get ready for the day, run errands, go to work, go to school and then come home to have dinner, get ready for bed and what the next day brings.  I feel like we are almost like robots sometimes with life and what we do.  There are things that just come so naturally that we don’t get a chance to realize how things might affect us.  I chose today to think just about how computers and networks affect me and how much I use them every day at home.  Well, one of the first things I did this morning was check my phone this morning.  I checked my email and right away, I knew that in order to check my email, I needed WiFi.  Not just to check my email, but to use internet on my phone or computer in general.  Each time I went on, I needed wifi and the wireless network was needed.  Each time I turned on a light, whether it was in my bathroom, room, closet, kitchen; that required a power line network that helped me to get electricity.  A basic network that some people may not use is the traditional phone line.  I’m soon finding out that many homes are no longer using the traditional phone line because of cell phones.  I myself don’t have a phone line, but there are still a good amount of people today that still do.  From this day alone, I was able to tell how much computers and networks truly do affect me.  I can’t even imagine the negative outcomes that would happen if something were to go wrong.

Article Summaries 1-5

Rhickie Wood

COMA – 4320 – HE41

Professor Hoover

Article Summaries 1-5

Article 1 – TV is bad for Children’s education, studies say.

According to this article, it seemed as though throughout three different studies, they found that students who watched television seemed to perform poorer academically. It wasn’t just for those students who watched television in general, but for those students who watched TV excessively. It’s also showed to increase child obesity and aggressive behavior. A couple of the studies provided involved students who had a TV in there room; assuming that they watched TV more often, scored lower on test scores compared to someone who had a computer with internet access in their house ended up scoring higher on test scores. On the flip side, the studies also showed that for children who watched TV from ages 3-5, it helped them with short-term memory and reading recognition, but it didn’t help with reading comprehension or mathematics. To me, personally, for as long as I can remember, I watched TV at a young age. I honestly don’t remember getting in trouble too much, or my TV time being limited by my parents. The only thing that my parents made sure we did was first, homework, and then our chores. If we did both, we were pretty much able to do what we wanted. Don’t get me wrong, we couldn’t watch TV all day long, but my parents made sure our priorities came first. I have two sisters and my older sister went through the same thing and seemed to do pretty well in school. I believe she graduated with a 3.6-7 GPA and I’m currently at a 3.1 and my younger sister is about the same. I don’t remember too much if it affected us growing up, but I think it may be different for everyone else.


Article 2 – The Apple Revolution: 10 Key Moments

This article started off describing the founder of Apple; Steve Jobs who was actually a 21-year-old college dropout who lived with his parents in California. He ended up working with the gaming company Atari. His friend Wayne worked with him as well and his other best friend known as Wozniak, worked for Hewlett-Packard. The trio incorporated Apple Computer on April 1, 1976. But, after three months, Wayne sold his share for a measly eight hundred dollars. The first computer launched in 1976 and was sold for 666 dollars. It was known to be the most collectible PC of all time and someone actually received 50 thousand dollars for their original PC. Soon, the Mac came and had much success. An important moment in Apple’s company is when Steve Jobs came back. He was fired in 1985, because he was very hard to work with. He didn’t care about the opinion of others he worked with and was solely focused on his ideas only. The reason he was hired back was because Microsoft started taking off in 1997 and was putting Apple out of business. Soon, would Apple know that by hiring Jobs back, they were about to take off. Products and inventions such as the iPod, Mac OS X, the iphone and of course, the ipad. Once Apple introduced a quality product that seemed simple and entertaining to the people, they wanted everything else that apple had to offer. Now a days, it’s fairly common to see someone with an iphone, ipad and a Mac book. Apple has been dominating in their products the past ten years or so. I personally love the Apple products and what they have to offer. To be honest, it’s kind of hard to see myself using anything else. It seems like having Apple products seem standard now.,28804,1873486_1873491_1873530,00.html

Article 3 – iPhone vs. Android: Which is Better?

Since the early 2000’s, Apple’s invention of the iPhone has definitely seemed to dominate the market with their cell phone. It’s actually come to the point where it almost seems standard to have an iPhone, unless you simply don’t want one or can’t afford it. Most of the phones now a days are almost all smart phones because of what they can do. This article compares the Android, which is the iPhone’s biggest competition, with the iPhone. There are fifteen categories that this article brings up. I’ll highlight some of the more important ones that people seem to really care most about. The first one is when it comes to making phone calls, the iPhone brings home the trophy. It lays out the contacts better and the FaceTime is what really separates it from the Android. The next big thing is the photo/video features. Both cameras bring great quality when it comes to taking photos and videos. The brightness for the iPhone seems to be a tad better, but the sharpness for the Android seems to be better. Overall, because of storage, Android wins this one with managing photos seeming to be easier. Apps are what really help make smart phones. The apps for the Android and the way they’re laid out gave Android the nod over Apple’s iPhone. When it comes to talking to the phone, Apple’s iPhone runs away with it on this one. The famous mind of it’s own “Siri” has definitely become a huge standout for Apple. You can ask your phone to do everything from playing music, look up directions and make any call or text that is needed from you. Such a feature would be perfect for while driving. Overall, the Android won the competition with a vote of 8-7 on those fifteen categories. It’s close enough to really matter on what the user is looking for in their phone. Either way, both are amazing products to use.

Article 4 – Which Macbook? Choosing Between Stamina, Speed and Style in Apple’s Laptops.

With as famous as Apple has become, one of their more popular inventions or products are the laptops that they have made with consistent quality. Their three quality laptop products are the MacBook, the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air. All three are well-developed products, each with it’s own strength that makes it stand out a bit in their own way. The first one that was discussed was the MacBook Pro. The Macbook Pro is probably the most popular laptop out right now. Even for myself, I see a lot of people, especially students with the macbook pro. The MacBook pro stands out with it’s speed. Although, it may not be as portable or as slim as the other MacBooks, this one is particularly known for it’s internet speed and how fast it is able to handle downloads and the simple functions of a laptop. The next one is the New MacBook. Now, let’s say speed isn’t necessarily something that you value as much. This New MacBook has caused many users to fall in love with it for a few reasons, but the reason that stands out the most is because of it’s portability. It’s very slim, but is easy to carry around with you. For those laptop users who use a laptop for it’s simple functions of the Internet, Microsoft office documents, this would be a great laptop for you. A negative would be its battery life. It’s known to have a battery life that doesn’t last as long as the other two. The last laptop that is discussed is the MacBook Air. This, just like the New MacBook has a slim display. This makes it easy to bring with you wherever you go. But, the good thing about this laptop is that it has the longest battery life of all three laptops. It surpasses both the New MacBook and MacBook Pro. All Matchbook’s have their good and bad and really ends up on what the user wants to decide what fits best for them.

Article 5 – iPads Improve Classroom Learning, Study Finds

For those who may not know what an iPad is, an iPad is just like the iPhone, except it’s at approximately five times bigger with the inability to make phone calls. So, it comes with all the apps that you would like, just on a bigger screen. There was a study that was done where students had the opportunity to use iPads to help enhance their learning in class. And studies show that within twenty minutes, students were learning at a higher rate. One of the positives that iPads bring is the fact that it has the ability to store books, apps and things of that nature that you would have to buy instead. For example, textbooks or even books in general are either bought or rented. By buying the iPad, you can purchase some of those books through the Ipad at a much cheaper cost and possibly even for free. The studies also show that you can make learning fun for students to where it can almost seem like a game to them. The research was mainly used to try and discover if many math and science concepts were easier to grasp compared to the traditional lecturing in class. There research ended up with positive results and would like to do deeper studies. Overall, I personally feel like this would be a good idea. Of course, you would like to restrict the use of the tablets in class so that students are not online playing games. But, if used properly, I actually think it could work.